Polonia in America!

As the sixth largest ethnic group in the United States, Polish Americans remain a vibrant part of our nation's ethnic mosaic, its tax base, and cultural well-being. If we look at what Polonia does in the Philadelphia area, we see a reflection of the good Polish Americans do within local communities across the United States.

1. Polish Americans have always been an outstanding pillar in Philadelphia's, Pennsylvania's and the nation's tax base. The taxes Polish Americans pay include income, property, business, school, sales, inheritance and other taxes, which represent a substantial portion of the annual revenue used to support government services and continue community programs.

2. Polish Americans pride themselves in property ownership and in proper building maintenance, which in turn promotes real estate values in city neighborhoods and suburban communities.

3. Polish Americans regularly sponsor public events of an ethnic or patriotic nature, highlighting ethnic richness. These events promote positive publicity and goodwill for the Polish American community and the community at large.

4. Polish Americans believe in education and often choose the private and parochial systems, increasing their own financial commitments, while reducing the financial burden of city and state education budgets.

5. Polish Americans support youth, cultural and community service organizations, church groups, and civic and patriotic activities. Their community- wide efforts are sponsored with the intent to maintain Polish history, culture and pride, now and for the future. When community organizers seek assistance from city or state services, they are simply seeking a portion of the services and appropriations which are being made possible from a portion of their own tax dollars.